Why Traveling to the Philippines is your next Dream Travel Best Ever!

The South East Asian country will not cease to amaze every visitor. From the stunning sights, the food, hospitality and seas, the Philippines is perhaps one of the best places you can travel. With more than 7107 islands, a lot of beaches, palm trees and secluded spots for you and your loved ones, this country is a paradise to be.

For so many years this country has been under the radar when it comes to destination choices. Here are some reasons why you must visit this beautiful county very soon.

Friendly Locals

While this is the case for other South East Asian countries I have visited, the people of the Philippines are a special breed. The locals are just amazing. Whether you’re in the Beach or a restaurant listening to Karaoke while sipping your beer; the genuine smile from the locals makes you love this country more.

I can’t begin to count the numbers of dinners I have eaten from the people. On one occasion, I was invited to an impromptu wedding, and I loved every part of it. From the airport to when you leave the country, there is one experience of hospitality or the other.

White Sand and Blue Water Beaches

When you thought you had seen enough white Beaches, then the Philippines surprises you with one of the best Beaches you can ever imagine. If you’re looking for a perfect blue and white Beach for you and your loved ones, you have to visit the Philippines. Some of the Beaches are located in Palawan, Cebu City, and Boracay Island.

Mountain Adventure

Are you a traveler that loves to hike or climb mountains? The Philippines has a tremendous amount of beautiful mountains especially for you. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can try out the Mt. Apo in Davao with a height of 2,954 meters. Other minor and additional adventures you can undertake are the Mt. Pulang, Mt. Dulang and different breathtaking mountain views in the city of Batangas. 

Colorful Festivals

Whether the Philippines are celebrating a patron saint or a legend, there is always a festival to celebrate once in a year. These festivals mostly involve street parties, dances, great costumes, and colorful parades. Plan for some of the festivals such as; the Panagbenga festival, Sinulog festival and Rodeo festival on your visit to the Philippines.

Breathtaking Island and Hills

Boasting of more than 7000 islands and islets, these are some of the most beautiful things you will ever see. Some of them spread across the country; you can either access them through boats or plane. A typical example is Malapascua Island with its unique beaches and diving spots. One thing you will observe as you walk around the Beaches is the friendly locals smiling at you, while some invite you for dinners.

I have also heard good things from my co-travelers about Boracay Island, as well as the Caramoan Island and Bantayan Island. The Chocolate hill with its weird structure is also a place worth visiting.

Other notable reasons worth a mention on why you must visit the Philippines are: cheap wine and beer, the diving, the Tarsier, Karaoke, hidden caves, Lakes and the Banaue rice terraces. Have you visited any of these places before? If you haven’t, make sure you travel to the Philippines for your next vacation.

Author: Pammy D.

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